Top 10 from PURE

The 9th annual PURE travel show in Marrakech yields exciting news!

Global Artichoke, invited again to the PURE travel conference, where one finds the most exciting new travel suppliers, lodges, hotels and experience providers from around the world. We counted them in, counted them back and came out with our Top 10 from the show…


Touch of Spice

A superb portfolio of villas throughout New Zealand, from rustic cabins to steel and glass contemporary super-pads. Every size and shape with the staff you require, these properties provide a very interesting alternative or addition to hotel stays.


Fjellborg Arctic Lodge

Sitting on the top of Europe under the Northern Lights in a magical unspoiled wilderness, the Fjellborg family has been here for 300 years… so they have just about got the hang of it…


Dunia Baru

Exclusive live aboard luxury. Maraud through the Indonesian archipelago, doing as you please and going where you like. Scuba, snorkel, island expeditions & beach suppers – and not a care in the world.



About to open at the end of this year! Elegant tented suites sit on the north end of Principe, a rugged unspoilt jungle-covered island off the west coast of Africa. Friendly people, great scuba, superb food – a beguiling ‘leve leve’ island life.



Be a guest at the most stunning farm property in the world! The big outdoors is your playground and your hosts have all the knowledge and every toy with which to enjoy it. Sublime.


Feline Fields

On the edge of the Okavango Delta is a very different kind of lodge. Superb safari, excellent service, an endless array of activities and luxury mobile – of course! But it’s the refreshing approach to the whole thing that wins over every guest…


Fogo Island Inn

On an island off an island – one of nature’s beautiful places and where an old community has been preserved to share its lovely traditions and hospitality with a lucky few…


Cottars 1920’s Camp

The most elegant camp in Africa? Family-run, Cottars celebrates 100 years of safari in 2019. The best guides, private concession, superb service. Well, after 100 years…


Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary

Do you want to feel better after your holiday? Here is a beautiful corner of Koh Samui and a superb lodge, where your mental and physical needs are actively addressed. Take the first step…


Hotel Fasano

Stay in one of Uruguay’s most beautiful hotels. Awesome food culture, stunning design, beach club, tennis, spa, horses and the concierge on hand to launch you on Punta del Este…


2nd October 2017 Blog
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