Most people think that space will remain the realm of a few superpowers, large defense contractors and the odd billionaire…At zero2infinity we won’t settle for that. We will make access to space frequent, affordable, secure and reliable for everyone.

In 2012 Barcelona-based company Zero2infinity has successfully launched its newest prototype microbloon to the edge of Space, at almost 32km in altitude above 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere.

It was a major step in Zero2infinity’s mission to bring Space closer to the people. Founder José Mariano López-Urdiales said: “It’s very exciting to be this close to flying people on bloon.”

The microbloon is 2m in diameter, a scale model of bloon, the commercial vehicle that is soon to take 4 passengers and 2 pilots to the edge of Space. In test, environmental conditions inside the pod remained comfortable at all times. On flights, passengers can conduct scientific experiments and view ohe curvature of the Earth through the pod’s panoramic windows, during the 2 hours spent at 36kms above 99.5% of the atmosphere.

The technology has been developed with dual-purpose, to launch payloads and to carry passengers. Passengers will remain balloon-driven until detachment prior to a parachute-assisted descent whereas payloads will detach in Bloostar whose ocket-fired boosters will propel them into their desired orbit, having already climbed through all but 1% of the atmosphere.


  • 4 Passengers & 2 Pilots
  • Enough room to stand and move around
  • Large panoramic-style windows


  • 2 Hours’ Ascent
  • 2 Hours’ Cruise
  • 1 Hour descent