Private Villas


Global Artichoke pedigree lies in the Private Villa world.

Finding the right villa for you is different to choosing an hotel or putting together an itinerary of hotels and lodges. This place will be your ‘home’ for a period and you will no doubt be inviting guests. Our experience in this informs us in all the holidays we provide.

We have been visiting villas and meeting owners – and placing Global Artichoke clients in them – for over 20 years. The more you can tell us, the better equipped we are to suggest the right property but we have developed a sixth sense for this – why not put us to the test?

By no means all of our properties are shown here
Usually because an owner does not want the villa on the internet
So once you have had a look around, you need to call us for a chat

We are at your disposal.

Europe & The Mediterranean – Morocco – Cape Town – East Africa – The Caribbean – Nicaragua – Brazil – North America – New Zealand

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