The new best address in the Indian Ocean – Miavana

The new best address in the Indian Ocean from one of the former owners of North Island, Miavana should be on the wish-list of every serious desert island connoisseur.

Just two miles off the northeast coast where an archipelago of islands or ‘nosy’ cluster around pristine reef, Miavana sits on beautiful Nosy Ankao. A beach lodge of luxury and style not before seen in these waters, guests are pampered to the highest degree in architect-designed modern open-plan villas made up of exploded pod-like spaces, sitting on beach-side decking. All around are natural wonders both land and marine, equalled perhaps only in the Galapagos.

The uber luxury lodge consists of just fourteen villas, designed by the same award-winning architects as North Island – fifteen years on. Everything is super-modern and low rise, spaces flowing into each other, incorporating bedrooms, bathrooms, private pools, lounge and study, linked up by decking. Drift off the deck onto the beach and the sea is just a few yards away.

Miavana has found a way to step in and protect one of the best marine paradises on the planet and show the way in conservation in the region. In a country whose economics are sadly depressed, the arrival of an operation of this calibre brings in much needed resources and proven expertise in natural conservation and community relations.


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