Launch Mission SpaceDeck

Space of the Art and Zero 2 Infinity announced today that they have partnered to launch SpaceDeck, exclusive playing cards, to the Edge of Space, and back. A camera will be recording the entire journey of these stratospheric collectibles. SpaceDeck will be the first of a series of missions designed to crowdfund the research and development of Zero 2 Infinity’s Near Space technology while raising awareness about the potential of New Space industry.

The exclusive decks of cards will be flown into the stratosphere with a high-altitude balloon. Two different flight techniques have been selected. However, the decision on the type of flight will be revealed early 2018 together with the tentative flight date. This flight is designed to test new components and techniques that Zero 2 Infinity is working on during the development of the Bloon manned Space capsule, as well as a small satellite launcher, Bloostar.

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14th November 2017 Blog
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