Ellerman House – Antarctica & back in 24hrs

24hr Round trip to Antarctica…

The Ellerman House concierge team is always working hard to add new and innovative experiences to the ‘Exceptional Ellerman Experiences’ collection. This time they’ve gone completely mad – we love it!

Collaborating with White Desert – the only company in the world to fly into the centre of Antarctica in a private jet – Ellerman have created the ‘Greatest Day’ experience which consists of a 24hr round trip to Antarctica.


You’ll arrive in Cape Town to enjoy a few days of relaxation at Ellerman House.

From there, your Antarctic Adventure comenses on a private gulfsteam jet for a quick 5.5hr flight over thousands of icebergs.

You’ll then land on the prepared ice runway and be transferred by 4x4s to the Schirmacher Oasis. Here you will explore the incredible land of cliffs, lakes and sciences bases.

Partaking in a range of activies throughout the day from gentle to ‘adrenaline-fueled’, expert guides are on hand to escort you, every step of the way.

A gourmet Champagne dinner will be served at the end of the day, in celebration of the spectacular setting that is the Antarctic.

24hrs later, you’ll land in Cape Town and regain the comfort of the crisp white sheets of your Ellerman house bed.

And that really is the greatest day!

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