Diamond Safari – Dive for Diamonds

Once-in-a-life-time experience

Ellerman House offers guests an exclusive opportunity to embark on a ‘diamond safari’ within the west coast of South Africa. Ellerman House are in partnership with Benguela Diamonds, named after the predominant current, nutrient-rich Bengula Current, which flows in a northerly direction off mineral-rich west coast of South Africa.

The experience is a tailor-made day that begins with an early morning private charter flight from Cape Town to Port Nolloth along the west coast. This journey takes approximately an hour and 15 minutes, following the beautiful coastline.

You’ll spend the day in a villa directly in front of the private offshore concession, the high level of luxury and comfort ensures for a perfect day.

After spending the morning indulging in an array of food including a champagne breakfast or a tempting selection of hot and cold breakfast dishes, the adventure gets under way.

Diving for deep sea treasures

You are given the option to join the Benguela dive masters under water, or simply relax on the boat waiting for the precious seabed gravel to be brought up to the surface.

After successfully capturing the sought after seabed gravel and acquiring the garnets, olivine’s and diamonds; it’s now time to send your diamond off to be cut, polished and set into a handmade, bespoke piece of jewellery.

Not only is the end result a sparkling diamond handmade into a rare piece of jewellery, but an exquisite experience that will make any occasion particularly special.

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