Bisate Gorilla Safari

The new Bisate Lodge is situated in Rwanda next to Volcanoes National Park. It is owned and operated by a highly respected pan-African safari operator and raises the bar for eco-tourism in the region.

Bisate Lodge is a luxurious base from which to enjoy gorilla trekking and learn about conservation under the guidance of experts. The camp comprises six forest villas of interesting design, commanding breath-taking views across private decks to the valley and volcanic mountain ranges beyond. The sophisticated architecture and interior design is rooted in Rwandan building tradition, much like the design of the Royal Palace of the traditional monarch.

The vibrant tones of emerald-green are reminiscent of the greens of the rainforests; a forest complete with chandeliers and bold textiles.

Bisate Lodge is a base for many forest safari experiences, from trekking the Volcanoes National Park in search of a Silverback and family group to skirmishing for the cheekier variety on the Golden Monkey Trek. Back in camp, one can relax with a coffee and tea induction, a wine tasting and relax on ‘film night’ with the screening of a popular classic.

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